Shenzhen, China Photographer covering Hong Kong, Macau & Guangdong

As a photographer based in Shenzhen & Hong Kong, China, I have worked on editorial and corporate assignment photography for international news outlets, multinational corporations, major hotel chains and new startups (View a client list here). Assignments often include portrait photography, project documentation, tourism promotion, hotel interiors and exteriors, corporate and NGO promotion. 

Shenzhen is a major transport hub, with key air, rail and road links to anywhere in China. Similarly, with Shenzhen's proximity to Hong Kong, I am able to quickly reach destinations anywhere in South, Central and East Asia.

Learn more about my background and specialties at the bio page. Feel free to get in touch if you have any queries, using the details below or the contact page


(86) 130 7694 3201 [China]
(886) 975 047 173 [Taiwan]
(852) 952 611 128 [HK]